Tyler Blalock

A glimpse of my story.


An endless passion for worship, for music,
for people, for uniting voices, for a movement.

My story is much bigger than me.  It is one intertwined with faith, worship, reliance on God, pursuit, and people.  It’s been a journey of trusting in God with every single step and experiencing His faithfulness first-hand.  I was born in 1991 and grew up north of Atlanta, Georgia.  I was raised in a Christian home and to a family that believed in the importance of faith.  Through my years of growing up, my family taught me about the Bible and about the love that Jesus has for us all.  But throughout this time, I struggled, resisted, and fought the burden that I could feel on my heart; the Holy Spirit tapping on my life.  I pushed it aside in fear for some reason.  I feared to take the step.  My mind made excuses and reasons to run from it.  It’s not that I was against the religion.  Not at all, in fact.  Deep down, I wanted to become a Christian.  I believed that God was real.  But a fear existed; a fear of what others would think if I took that step.  A fear to change.  A fear to surrender my heart.  One night however, I was riding in the car listening to music.  And in that instant, God spoke through me through a song.  A song by Lifehouse called ‘Storm’. I decided in that moment that I would invite Jesus in that night.  I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.  And that’s just what happened.  I followed through with that decision and made the best choice of my life.

All throughout this time, I had an enormous passion for music.  I loved writing songs, recording, playing; anything about music grabbed my full attention.  In 2010, I was accepted and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for two years.  It was there I began leading worship various places.  And I became more and more involved in that.  I fell in love with the deeper and more faith-driven purpose that resided in worship music.  There was something very different about it.  From there, I was invited to train other worship leaders and musicians at Harvard University.  I was getting to spread and share what I had been learning previously.  But even during this time, I still had plans to be a secular artist and musician.  I thought that music had two sides for me: leading worship and then performing and writing secular music.  But God had a different plan for me.  Now that’s not to say playing secular music is bad.  I think it’s a great thing.  I think many Christians are called into that industry to be secular artists and to be a light.  But God had slightly different plans for my particular life.  He called me to surrender my music fully to Him; to be involved in writing and leading worship songs.  To be completely involved in a movement that I was previously only dabbling in.

From there, God led me through the process.  I trusted in Him and wrote new worship songs for an album I felt called to create.  Out of this came ‘All The Perfect Things’.  This was the beginning of creating worship projects and I fell in love with it.  Not only was it remarkable to see how these songs were impacting lives, but I could feel my own life being very impacted through writing these songs and living with them.  After ‘All The Perfect Things’ came a live EP that we recorded during a summer camp.  We simply called this ‘Live At Summer Camp’.  It featured popular worship songs that were favorites at the camp, and we released this EP for free.  It reached over nineteen different countries, which was mind-blowing.  Never did I think an EP we recorded at a summer camp would reach that much.  It was another testament to God’s faithfulness and to our prayers of wanting to reach people all around the world.

In 2014, I began working on what would be my next worship album.  New songs were coming to me; songs that were exciting and filled with hope.  I wanted to take the time necessary to make the next album something really special.  One by one, songs were slowly accumulating.  It was a season where these new, unreleased songs were helping me grow in my own faith.  I realized that these songs were coming out of my own personal walk with God.  I put aside the concept of working toward an album, and I just wrote.  I wrote because I needed to.  I wrote prayers and words that came to mind.  I reworked songs and focused on writing the best songs I could.  And as I slowly began zooming out, I saw a collection of songs that felt cohesive and were centered around a theme of surrender.  I knew it was all God.  As we recorded these songs, it was a simple approach.  I wanted to accurately capture the vision behind these songs.  I am a producer as well, so production ideas would come during songwriting.  It was a journey of capturing what I was already hearing in my head months before.  It slowly came together into something that felt right.  And it was something that led all focus toward God.  The name ‘Give It All’ felt natural and true to the theme.  With the album now released, seeing how these songs have already reached people has been both humbling and exciting.  I love seeing how God is using this music to really change lives and lead people closer to Jesus.  And I’m excited to continue moving forward and being part of a movement that is much bigger than me.

Tyler Blalock
Tyler Blalock




Experience the new album.

Featuring songs such as ‘Give It All’, ‘More and More, and ‘No Other Name’, Give It All is an album that focuses on the hope we have in the name of Jesus. “When we define the word ‘surrender’ in terms of our world,” says Tyler, “we see a negative connotation. It’s a sign of defeat and loss. But with God, it’s completely the opposite. When we surrender to Him, we experience more gain than we could ever imagine. We gain a relationship with the One who created us. We experience grace and salvation. This album is centered around this theme and the journey of giving our all for God’s glory.”