A Glimpse of My Story…

Tyler Blalock is an Atlanta-based musician, songwriter, worship leader and producer. His journey is one intertwined with faith and a purpose for creating honest, authentic music that impacts people in a deeper way. “For me,” says Tyler, “it’s been a process of not only trusting God with every step, but also embracing this radical grace that He offers and who God says I am in the midst of my brokenness.”

Over the years, Tyler has released multiple albums, featuring songs such as “Mercy”, “Lifted High”, “More and More”, “Majesty”, and “Only You”. Several of his songs have been on rotation with various radio stations and playlists. On the live front, Tyler has played and led worship at numerous churches, colleges, camps and conferences across the U.S. “There’s something truly magical about playing live and everyone being in one room together,” he says. His 2014 live EP Live At Summer Camp has so far reached over nineteen different countries.

Tyler is currently working on his next upcoming studio album, which is the follow up to his previous studio releases that include 2013’s All The Perfect Things and 2015’s Give It All. “These new songs are unlike anything I’ve ever written,” he says. “But they’ve also been the ones that have felt the most honest and authentic.” Having grown up around acoustic and folk-style music, Tyler is turning to his roots for the new sound. For him, he no longer wants to be a competing voice in the music industry or write songs out of obligation, but for every ounce of focus to simply turn to creating great music that feels right. And his songwriting approach has changed as well. “Not once have I forced my faith into these songs,” he says. “If my faith and belief wants to come through in the lyrics, then I let it happen naturally. And so far it’s been an absolutely amazing process and beyond anything I could have ever foreseen. I’ve felt the most excited about this new album and these songs have been deeply important to me.” Tyler currently hopes to release the new album sometime in 2020.

At the early age of eight, Tyler first started playing guitar and immediately developed a deep passion for music. “I loved writing songs, recording, playing,” he says. “I was captivated by every aspect of music.” In 2010, Tyler attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. And it was there where he began leading worship on a consistent basis. It was slowly consuming more and more of his time as he started leading at various universities, colleges, and camps across the Northeast. During this time, Tyler was invited by Harvard University to train worship leaders and musicians on campus.

Tyler currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a full-time worship leader at his local church. “It’s become like a close family,” he says. “I’m beyond blessed to be a part of such a talented and humble team that carries a strong desire to grow together in our relationship with God and serve the community around us.” In addition to music, he also enjoys travel, food, skiing, writing, movies and coffee. Tyler’s music is available on all major platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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